[Interview] Meet Saba of Rangreza – Ghana Ali

Forthcoming Pakistani film, Rangreza is making quite a buzz these days and since the release of the trailer, the anticipation for the film has gone up. Team MediaSpring PK recently got a chance to interview one of the cast member, Ghana Ali who is playing Saba in the film.

Well, she was kind enough to answer our questions and here is what she said in response to our questions:

First of all how excited are you about your film debut?1. First of all how excited are you about your film debut?

Ghana: I am extremely excited. I was lucky to have a project with such good cast. Bilal, Gohar and Urwa all are very down to earth. My producer Munir Bhai, Director Aamir and all of the team was a pleasure to work with. Couldn’t have asked for a better debut.

How different is the experience of working in a drama than working in a film?

Ghana: The experience of working in a movie is massively different to shooting for a TV series or a serial. There is a lot more detail involved when it comes to a movie. It’s a much bigger team and a bigger scale of work that makes it a trickier work. It takes longer to shoot and complete the project due to different professional commitments of the other cast. Overall I did enjoy every moment I spent on set shooting for Rangreza.

What was one factor that made you sign Rangreza?

Ghana: Taking up Rangreza was solely based on the script. It was also a brilliant chance for me to test the water of working on the big-screen in case I ever wanted to take up films as well. Luckily it worked. I absolutely loved the experience and I am now open to working for films provided my character is challenging and gives me margin to perform.


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Tell us something about the movie Rangreza, considering the title how colorful is it going to be?

Ghana: Well, it’s a love story as you can see from the trailer. I am not going to spoil the movie by giving you away too much so you will have to wait for the movie to release on the 21st December and then see for yourself.

Watch Video: Official Trailer of Rangreza


Tell us about your role, who is she how is she as a character did she challenge acting skills of Ghana Ali?

Ghana: My character Saba will be a bridge between Bilal and Urwa. She is related to Bilal. It is a positive character and as for challenging my acting skills, it has but again you have to watch it to form an opinion.

How is this role different than your previous roles?

Ghana: Normally I am approached for negative roles. The very first and major difference is the fact that the role is totally positive. I have tried to give it a bit of twist with the look I have created. I will leave the rest for you guys to watch and comment.

 Any particular moment from the film or any incident on the sets of Rangreza that you would like to share with us?

Ghana: Everything was very special. It would be unfair of me to just point any one of the incident or moment on set. We had a brilliant time and I love my crew and my co-actors. They are all amazing and we worked as a family.

Who is your favorite character, besides yours, in the film Rangreza?

Ghana: Gohar Rasheed’s character is brilliant. I also loved Saleem Miraj and Sir Akbar’s characters.

What is one particular thing about Rangreza that you think the audience will like the most?

Ghana: Everything, I’d say, I have high hopes for this film and Insha Allah everyone will like it. Yet again I’d like to say, I don’t want to disclose much about the story but yes one should not miss Rangreza.

We have a very talented star cast, the songs are already creating waves with it’s music and lyrics. It’s very well written by Akhtar Qayyum plus has Aamir and Usman Malkani’s magic. It’s altogether a very good treat for our audience.


 Any message for your fans and readers of MediaSpring Pk?

Ghana: For my fans, I Love You and I am what I am with your love and support. Don’t forget to watch Rangreza releasing on the 21st December 2017. Keep reading and following MediaSpring PK for all the latest updates.

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