Funholics Laser Tag – Pakistan’s first ever laser tag gaming arena opens doors in Lahore

Lahore has just got another entertainment zone opened as Funholics has inaugurated the Laser Tag gaming zone at Mall One, Gulberg, Lahore. Funholics Laser Tag is first ever laser tag gaming arena in Pakistan.

The launch event attracted gaming buffs, bloggers, socialites, and celebrities. They all had their hands on the laser tag kits and a session of 20 minutes game which they enjoyed to their fullest.

Laser tag is a tag game played with lasers – Infrared-sensitive targets are worn by each player. To play the game of laser tag, players wear a lightweight high-tech interactive computerized vest with an detachable phaser. The object of the game is to score as many points as possible by zapping the other players on their sensors.

The trail session was fun and having experience of playing it first had I have to say that it was pretty admirable. Indeed Funholics Laser Tag has done a great job to bring this entertainment to Pakistan.

The talented Anusheh Asad was the host of the red carpet at the launch of Funhilics Laser Tag. The event was manged by JBnJaws, the PR was done by Cartel PR.

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