The face of ARY News crime show Jurm Bolta Hai – Fizza Saleem joined Din News as show anchor

The host of Jurm Bolta Hai the crime show of ARY news, Fizza Saleem has left the ARY TV Network to return to her previous workplace – Din News.

Earlier this month Fizza Saleem returned to her hometown Lahore and joined Din News HD as the new host of their current affairs show ‘Siyasat Aur Riyasat’.

Here is the video of the first ever edition of Siyasat Aur Riyasat hosted by Fizza Saleem:

Fizza started her career at the age of 17 with Din News and worked there for four years. In 2011 she joined ARY News as the crime show host. She hosted the show Jurm Bolta Hai for six years.

Now she is back in Lahore and back to the TV Channel where she started her career. Her show Siyasat Aur Riasat airs at 8pm from Monday to Thursday.

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