Five Best Pakistani Dramas of 2016
Five Best Pakistani Dramas of 2016
Five Best Pakistani Dramas of 2016

Our media industry is progressing day in and day out. These days,  some of the channels are producing dramas with good moral lessons. It’s not that all the dramas are having a positive effect on us. Some of the dramas don’t make good moral sense. Still, there are some of them that are best, that motivate people towards a positive activity. 2016 was not all about good dramas yet a few dramas manage to be part of the list of Best Dramas of 2016. Here we have a list of Best Dramas of 2016. These dramas had very good stories. These are must watch dramas. Have a look at the list.

List of Best Dramas of 2016


Udaari was amazing dramas on aired on HUM TV. It was not a melodrama. The drama put light on a deeply rooted problem of child abuse in Pakistan. Sexually abused girls hesitate to raise their voice against this cheap act. But I am sure, this drama has created awareness among many people. It would have motivated many of us to raise voice against sexual abuse. Moreover, the dramas has shown the harmony among rural and urban people. Its that the villagers do have their self-respect and can progress by leaps and bounds just like citizens.

Dil Lagi:

In most of the dramas, we usually see the concept of women as ‘Mazloom Aurat’. The story Dil Lagi is quite different. its not about Mazloom Aurat but about a brave girl. The drama has clearly shown how the girls can rescue themselves from usual proposals of boys.


This drama about two people from different worlds who live together. They hate each other due to their different nature. Fate brings them together. Saba Qamar played the role of a fashion model and Zahid Ahmed disliked the profession of modelling. Besharam had a very different and unique story.

Khuda Mera Bhi Hai:

Khuda Mera Bhi Hai is a drama being on aired on ARY Digital. As the name suggest that the drama has a very interesting story. Everyone accepts the reality that we are creation of GOD yet we humans tr to create boundaries of gender. The drama is about transgender issue.

Zara Yaad Kar:

The drama brought out the biggest issue of our society, DIVORCE. The drama has portrayed that its not always that guys  are responsible for broken marriages but sometimes the girls are equally responsible for it. It is a must watch drama.

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