Fakhir Discloses His Allegiance For Politics in Iftar Mulaqaat


Iftar Mulaqaat, hosted by Hina Khawaja Bayat, comes with a different celebrity for every episode. For their 9th episode the guest of honor was the super talented singer and composer Faakhir. The set was alight with the brightness of these two stars only! The conversation ranged from pleasant to downright serious when Fakhir believed there were some things he needed to clarify to his fans.

When it came to discussing the political allegiances and the current situation of the country, Faakhir said that he realized that some things were downright unfair.

“I’m against the idea of protocol and bothering masses just because of your own security”


He further elaborated by clarifying that he believed in the good of the entire nation as a whole.

I support every good work and I stand apposed to every worng thing

When he described his stance regarding politics and allegiances to any certain political parties he clarified…

An artist or an athlete doesn’t need to be politicized, he’s a representative of nation not just one particular camp or group

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