Cheetay Collaborating with Pepsi as an Official Partner has established a concrete base in the domain of logistics and delivery in Lahore and is actively venturing into multiple business categories.’ has collaborated with Pepsi as its official beverage partner. Since Pepsi has entered the domain of digital retail and is now actively promoting sales through digital stores they chose to partner with us because of the market share we have acquired in Lahore and are a major player in the e-Commerce industry.

According to Ahmed Khan, CEO of,

Venturing into multiple categories has always been our business development approach and goal, similarly reaching out and affiliating with trusted multinational brands to create brand equity, recognition and awareness is what we intend to do now. By associating and joining forces with trusted names these corporate partnerships will not only help in creating a positive image but will translate into additional customers and will pave the way for greater opportunities”.

According to Zeeshan Ali, Marketing Manager of, 

“Partnering with imminent brands opens countless avenues in terms of creating brand awareness, recognition and recall. Therefore, this alliance will enable us to make ample deals offering discounted and free beverages with not only regular orders but with specific deals i.eSasti deals, Hunger Deals, Super Deals, etc. For the company to grow, steps that provide mass reach and recognition are vital”

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