Bold, Pakistan’s first ever gas free body spray with up to 3X more liquid content brings its new and exciting TVC.

The clutter breaking concept shows that while using Bold body spray, which gives up to 3 times more, the brand ambassador Fawad Khan wonders what life would be like if other things were 3 times more as well.

Bold – an innovative concept in body spray was launched in Pakistan in 2016 by Hilal Care Pvt, Ltd with Fawad Khan as the Brand’s ambassador. Being gas free, Bold gives up to 3 timed more value compared to ordinary gas based deodorant sprays. Its unique long lasting fragrances, are handpicked based on research. These fragrances are imported from Europe and are developed by the very best perfumers of the world.

Being a gas free body spray Bold can be used on both body & clothes with approximately 800 sprays per bottle, making it the best option available in the market. These distinctions coupled with aggressive brand communication have made Bold resonate with millions of consumers in a very short time and became their first choice.

Faisal Munshi, CEO Hilal Care Pvt. Ltd., commented on the new TVC as: ‘Bold is one-of-a-kind body spray and it is very important to us that it stands out as it is. We give our customers what we promise and we want to show exactly that in the upcoming ad.’


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