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Supermodel Hira Tareen Reveals her Hidden Talent on Iftar Mulaqaat

Hira Tareen is a phenomenal actress, a super model and a VJ. In the time she started working in entertainment industry, she has impressed all her fans and people within the industry with her powerful acting skills. She was the guest of honor for the 16th episode of Iftar Mulaqaat, hosted by the ever beautiful Hina Khawaja Bayat. The show comes with a promise of different celebrity for each episode.


Behroze Sabzvari on Iftar Mulaqaat Recalling Old Times

Behroze Sabzvari is a versatile actor, a legend who’s been associated with the television industry for almost half a century. He is one of the most successful actors of Pakistan and he’s received various awards and accolades nationally and internationally. Perhaps no other role Bahroze had done will ever beat the way his fans remember him by his character “Qabacha”.


Aijaz Aslam on Iftar Mulaqaat Talks About Being A Producer

On the 14th episode of Iftar Mulaqaat, the guest of honor was the popular actor-turned-producer Aijaz Aslam. The show is hosted by the beautiful Hina Khawaja Bayat and the culinary expert on board is Chef Shai. For every episode a top tier celebrity is invited and enjoys a hearty conversation with Hina.