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Interview: I am despirate to work in Bollywood – Jana Malik

Lahore born Jana Malik joined showbiz accidently, tough, acting is in her blood. Jana is daughter of producer Raheel Bari and Actress Sasha, her grandmother Laila was a famous actress of her time. Jana Malik started her career at the age of 13 with PTV drama “Regzar”. With time she grew as an actress and played many remarkable roles she also acted in few telly films. Recently Jana shed light on her carrier the detailed interview is below:


Maria Memon Intervew for Geovision

“It’s easier to judge us (media people) from the surface but the real picture is quite different,” says the pretty and resilient Maria Memon. She is strong-minded and her confidence reflects through her personality. It is not an easy job and people do not have any clue what one go through. Every day we come to the news studio, and go through all over again, adds Maria. Moreover, the sight of dead bodies is not a pleasant one, as we are also affected with the awful video footages but keeping aside all the emotions, we do our job.