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#WashTheLabel campaign by Ariel Pakistan

Ariel launched part one of its Wash the Label campaign with the purpose of creating awareness among women to avoid labelling other women. It is a common practice in our society to put labels on successful women to discredit them of their hard work and earned reward.


Orient Pakistan new campaign on Dowry and Innovation

Dowry has already created a great damage. Everything looks good in the limit but the biggest ill with the dowry in Pakistan as we know it is that it is never in the limit. Girls families are harassed for this and if a girl fails to bring required amount of dowry with her results in life long suffering for her.


Baba ki Trumpet a moving TVC by Fruitien

Independence day and the month of August is another moment for advertisers and marketeers to be creative and touch the emotional cord with their execution. Fruitien with their latest campaign has just tried to pull that off.