[Best Pick] Looks of Hareem Farooq during the promotions of Parchi

She is not only sensational but also talented, the actress and lady of many talents have amazed us with her acting skills and stunning good looks ever since she has joined the showbiz world. These days she is busy in promoting her film, Parchi.

It is obvious that gorgeous lady did look great at every point of the promotional drive. However, here a are a few picks from the lookbook. Which one did you like the most, tell us in the comment section below.

Hum Style Awards

Outfit: Zaheer Abbas
Makeup: Baber Zaheer
Stylist: Sabah Malik
Jewellery: Nazneen Tariq

Parchi Trailer Launch

Outfit: Shehla Chatoor
Hair: Depilex Group
Makeup: Hafsa Haseeb

College Tour in Karachi

We loved that simple Gulabo top she has paired with black jeans for the college tour!

Wearing Mango Pakistan. Styled by Anila Murtaza.

On the morning show

An interesting combination for the morning show, wearing Anila Murtaza

The promotional drive in Hyderabad

Wearing Zara Shahjahan, styled by Amna Niazi.

Pepsi-PCB Future 11 event at National Cricket Academy

Looking chic to boot in Fnkasia, styled by Anila Murtaza.

The Swag in Lahore

Wearing Generation Ensemble during promotions in Lahore, styled by Amna Niazi, hair and makeup by Depilex group.

Saree to save the day

There can’t be said much when it comes to Hareem Farooq and Saree…. isn’t it?

The Promotional Drive of Islamabad

Wearing Generation outfit, styled by Amna Niazi, hair and makeup by Depilex group.

And Finally Lahore Premier

wearing A YBQ design studios custom outfit, with Hamna Amir Jewelry. Hair and makeup by Depilex Group. Styled by Amna Niazi.

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