Beaconhouse Opens New Campus in Gujranwala
Beaconhouse Opens New Campus in Gujranwala
Regional Director Beaconhouse School System Ali Ahmed Khan at the inauguration of Citi Housing Campus

Beaconhouse School System proudly announced the launch of a new purpose-built campus in Gujranwala today (17th April 2015).

Citi Housing Campus is an ELE branch that utilises tablets and PCs to facilitate enhanced learning of students. Elegantly furnished classrooms are equipped with multimedia for rich interactive exploration. This facility is completely air-conditioned and with proper heating system to provide a comfortable learning environment. Programmable robots are provided to help children develop analytical and problem-solving abilities. Science laboratories have state-of-the-art designs and equipment.

Surrounded with huge grounds to give ample opportunities to students to develop their sports skills, the campus offers a rich, healthy environment.

Twin purpose-built buildings will eventually be converted to separate branches for girls and boys.

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