Chitchat with Dazzling Face of Contemporary Pakistani TV Drama Ayeza Khan
Chitchat with Dazzling Face of Contemporary Pakistani TV Drama Ayeza Khan
Chitchat with Dazzling Face of Contemporary Pakistani TV Drama Ayeza Khan

Ayeza Khan is not a strange name for Pakistani TV drama viewers from her first lead role in Tootay Huway Par to her last appearance Pyaary Afzal this dynamic actress has proved that she is one bright face of our contemporary Urdu TV drama. Ayeza Khan is making her comeback to TV acting with Urdu1’s forthcoming drama serial ‘Tum Kon Piya’, team of MediaSpring PK got chance to have a chitchat with Ayeza Khan here is what she said in the conversation.

  1. Joining showbiz and in no time becoming a prominent face of Pakistani TV Drama, was it all part of plan or its all accidental? Were you always wanted to be an actress?

Ayeza Khan: No! not at all it was all accidental, in fact I was one of those girls who are extremely concerned and possessive about their studies and grades. Then suddenly i got offer from showbiz, initially I did it just for the sake of try but soon I realized that I enjoy it.

The fame and success was not overnight for me I have spent a good deal of time and learnt a lot before I could be called a promising name in the TV drama industry. The thing is that usually one good project that clicks and become instant hit gives an impression that you achieved it just like that, the fact is that before getting my major hit I had done small and side roles in TV dramas, I am fortunate that my third project was as leading actress. It was “Tootay Huway Per” even then I think it was a great responsibility to do well as a new comer who is being trusted with a major role. I am lucky that in my early projects, even now, my seniors taught and helped me a lot. Today when I look back I feel that if I could not be anything else other than being an actress.

  1. Tell us something about your forthcoming TV Serial “Tum Kon Piya,” What it is about and how different it is from your previous TV serials?

Ayeza Khan: Tum Kon Piya” is story of a home, a family and a girl who fall in love with a boy and then how situation never seems to be favoring them. It is like problems and situations happen in real life God forbid that anyone face somber circumstances such as this story has. Moreover, the character was challenging for me especially after a long break from acting. I never faced such challenges in my previous projects because things were different, now spectators have great deal of expectations, then there are other responsibilities of mine that I have to fulfill sometimes it was in itself a challenge to reach sets on time. There were moments when I used to feel if I would ever be able to do justice to my work, would I be able to repay the trust director has in me and chose me for the main role of the drama. I must say Yasir Nawaz (Director of Tum Kon Piya) was very helpful and understanding.

  1. You are making the TV comeback after a long break with Urdu1’s ‘Tum Kon Piya’, how difficult or easy you are finding it?

Ayeza Khan: It was very difficult for me initially as I was worried about my daughter if she will be able to adjust was the biggest question for me at that time. Nevertheless, I must say that my family is exceptionally supportive and my daughter is such a nice kid that she is amicable with everyone at home even when I am not around. First fifteen days of the spell were difficult in terms of streamlining with time and routine after that it was so smooth that I did not even realize how four months passed and we completed projected with effortlessly.

  1. What are your parameters of selecting a role? And which one of your character you found most challenging one?

Ayeza Khan: I first of all see that who is the director of the TV serial, and then I listen to how the director that how he conceives it. I also consider that how the writer has written it. All of the characters I have played so far were challenging in one way or the other so cannot single out one.

  1. Any particular moment from “Tum Kon Piya” you would liket to share with us?

Ayeza Khan: There is one scene from the climax; it was scheduled to be shot in those extremely cold days of this past winter. I used to be thankful to God every day when that particular scene was experience a delay in shooting, one day it was delayed because of water issue since the scene is featuring rain, the other day there was no proper light to shoot it. Then one day there was sunshine, and I was happy that we will get done with that scene that day but again destiny had some other plan. Eventually the day the scene was shot it was the coldest day of this past winter, the water was so cold that we were not even able to deliver our dialogues. Imran Abbas, Ali Abbas and I were totally frozen by the water we started shivering the moment first drop of water poured on us. It was scene from the climax so it required implacable dialogue delivery and even shouting & I was also supposed to fall in the scene but we were not even in the state of speaking let alone act. I must say credit goes to Yasir Nawaz who shot it all in one take.

  1. You have seldom done comedy roles, any particular reason for that, do you find it difficult.

Ayeza Khan: I personally feel that to make others laugh we are not required to laugh our-self. So far the kind of comedy scripts that I have been offered were not good enough that inspire me to do that character. I like that one comic role ‘Shaheen Akhtar’ that I played for Hum TV’s Ramazan play ‘Mahi Aaye Ga’. Shaheen was a poet and I enjoyed playing that character. I think comedy does not mean overacting which is usually being done today and I feel that our scriptwriters are not quite keen about writing good comedy for TV.

Ayeza Khan as Shaheen Akhter in Mahi Aye Ga
Ayeza Khan as Shaheen Akhter in Mahi Aye Ga
  1. Does Ayeza Khan – the style icon – has a style tip? What are your favorite fashion brands?

Ayeza Khan: I am not really into brands, I buy things from almost everywhere, I am very simple girl when it comes to shopping I do not buy expensive clothes. In fact I try to keep my style simple and buy clothes that if any of the spectator sees and wants to copy that particular style they can do it easily without going for expensive options. In short I buy stuff that every girl can buy, I like to keep things normal and balanced.

  1. What do you find most irritating on the sets while shooting ‘Tum Kon Piya’?

Ayeza Khan: Nothing irritating happened on the sets of Tum Kon Piya, everyone was nice and sweet to work with. However, a few things in the industry irritate me one such thing is haste among the newcomers. Usually the new comers are now in hurry and they think short-cuts can help the result of this attitude is that unhealthy competition or rivalry starts. For example during my early days when I was not doing lead roles I used to try my best to play my role batter so that it can complement the other members of the cast as per the requirement of the story, I never try to outshine the main lead by going beyond the limit set by the script. However, what I see now that many new comers are under the impression that they will only work wholeheartedly when they are in lead roles, however, they must understand that lead roles come after hard work which can be seen in the role, no matter how big or small it is, that they are playing with conviction.

  1. Your husband, Danish Taimoor has joined big screen last year. Do you have a plan of joining films or is it a no or a Big NO for you?

Ayeza Khan: If it is Bollywood then it is a big NO! As I have never fancied doing it.

If I am offered a good role in Pakistani films with good story and a role that is generally acceptable here in our society then I will definitely consider it. Interstingly we have quite strange aptitude when it comes to acceptability in our society, we can digest whatever Bollywood is coming but we do not have same level of acceptance when our own people are doing something similer.

If I get an offer of a role, which I feel that people will definitely come to cinema to watch it, then I am game for it.

  1. How it was like facing camera for the first time?

Ayeza Khan: Honestly, I do not even remember what it was like. My strategy has been to focus on director and ignore the camera and so far the trick is working.

  1. Do you think fame has changed you, if yes then how much?

Ayeza Khan: I honestly feel that there is no such thing as fame. Yes there is acceptance of viewers, love and admiration of people, well that has changed me I believe I am more down to earth now.

  1. In your opinion – what is the difference between good TV serial and a successful TV serial? – or they both are same thing.

Ayeza Khan: A good TV serial is something that we enjoy doing the one that has good cast, good script, good director and of course proper budget an amalgamation of such characteristics is called good project or a good TV serial. On the other hand what our viewers like and admire that is successful TV drama.

  1. What would you have been if you were not an actress?

Ayeza Khan: If you ask me now I do not think of anything else, maybe this is what I actually meant to be.

  1. Ayeza Khan is a brilliant actress but who is Ayeza Khan’s most favorite actress?

Ayeza Khan: First of all I do not think that I am brilliant actress. My favourite actress is Samina Peerzada, characters that she play inspire me a lot.

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  1. You have worked with many veteran actors of our industry, who inspired you the most and from whom you think that you learned a lot?

Ayeza Khan: It will be unjust to take one name only, as many seniors have mentored me. Sania Saeed, Saba Hameed, Faisal Rahaman, Fahad Mustafa, Fysal Qureshi, and my director Babar Javed these are the people who have guided and helped me every time. I have learned from everyone I have worked with.

  1. What is more challenging being a mother or being an actress, or both at the same time?

Ayeza Khan: I believe whatever we do in our life is challenging. Being an actress and being a mother both are challenging jobs and I honesty am enjoying this challenge.

  1. Would you like to share anything about your future projects? what can we expect from Ayeza Khan now?

Ayeza Khan: I think no one should tag any expectations with me (laughs) may be I disappear after Tum Kon Piya. On a serious note, anything can happen I may be doing something for big screen or may continue doing TV serials

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