Axact’s Issued Offical Response to NY Times Defamatory Article

Axact’s Issued Offical Response to NY Times Defamatory Article

Axact Pvt Ltd has issued an official statement as response to the appalling media meltdown caused this morning by Declan Walsh’s article. In the statement Axact Pvt Ltd has denied all allegations as baseless, substandard, maligning, defamatory and based on false accusations.

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Axact has blamed Express Media Group for the controversy, the official statement says,

“It is clarified that NYT in Pakistan is partnered with Express Media Group to publish International NYT in Pakistan and receive earnings from the group. Express Group was under a restraining order and contempt of court proceedings by Sind High Court for publishing a defamatory news item and further from publishing anything detrimental to Axact’s reputation. (Click here to view the courts restraining order). Hence, Express Media Group to counter the success of BOL and to circumvent the court order has got this story published via its partner NYT in collaboration with some reporter called Declan Walsh.”

The statement also mentioned the story of NY Time as,

“an exemplary display of poor journalistic skills and yellow journalism.”

Axact professed the stated inside sources as fake collaborators and the article as an act of personal dislike. The company also declared all of its 10 units as completely legitimate and at parity with international standards, 

“Axact’s Online Education Management System is World’s Leader outside North America. Axact is now collaborating with other renowned education groups in the USA to provide its Education Management System and is poised to be a major player in the online education industry of USA by 2018.”


Find the complete statement here.


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