Asma Irfan left Waqt TV and joined 24 News HD (Channel 24)

The former face of Waqt TV,  Asma Irfan Baig has left Nawai Waqt Group to join City News Network’s 24 News HD.

Asma shared this news on her social media:


While talking to the team MediaSpring PK Asma said,

“Waqt TV was a great place and I enjoyed my stint there, it was completely a learning experience. Now with this move I not only intent to grow further but also aspire to learn more, because this process of learning should never stop”

Asma irfan holds a degree of BS Hons in Mass Communications from Institute of Communication Studies, University of Punjab (PU) Lahore. In 2016 Asma started her broadcast journalism career with Nawai Waqt group’s TV channel Waqt TV also known as Waqt News. At Waqt TV Asma was part and prominent face of the newscast group. After a stint of almost a  year, she is now part of news anchoring team of Channel 24 or better known as 24 News.

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