ARY TV Network Takes Over BOL TV
Picture courteys ARY NEWS
Picture courtesy ARY NEWS

ARY News has bought BOL TV network. Earlier today Mubasher Lucman and Waseem Badami tweeted about it to confirm the news.


As per sources the deal is mutually agreed by the management of both ARY and BOL, and at 5pm Salman Iqbal, CEO and President of ARY Group confirmed the news in his address to the employees of BOL TV.


BOL TV was marketed as the largest media body in Pakistan which was supposed to be launched this year. Some of the heavy weights of Pakistani Media joined BOL TV on higher ranks and some of them were also shareholders of in the company.

Since Axact Scandal entered the scene earlier this year the whole face of the company and future of BOL TV has changed. All those much hyped big names of the industry resigned from the network. Moreover, there was a big question mark on the launch of BOL TV, however, Salman Iqbal in his address to both ARY and BOL TV has announced that BOL TV will launch in three weeks’ time.

Salman Iqbal, in his address from BOL Network auditorium, established the news and said that BOL TV will operate as a separate body. Salman also said that BOL TV will continue to work autonomously with its same vision and mission with only one alteration –ownership of the company.

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The new owner of BOL TV Mr. Iqbal said that employees will be taken with similar packages and facilities on the top of it he announced that all imminent salaries of BOL employees will be cleared instantly.

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