Ace news anchor and digital broadcaster Madiha Masood joined 92 News

The former host and creator of Meri Dunya of Dunya News and ace news anchor and digital broadcaster Madiha Masood have joined 92 News HD Plus.

Madiha shared this news on her social media:

Madiha started her career with City42 in 2008, where she was part of the maiden newscast team of the network. She later joined Express News which became her claim to fame, she is known for conducting the live update transmission of Mehran Base Attack 2011, she did that coverage singlehandedly.

In 2012, Madiha moved to Karachi and started working for Geo TV Network as a news anchor at Geo Tez. In 2014, she returned to Lahore and joined Dunya News. She started her show Meri Dunya for the channel which she hosted till her last day with the network. Earlier this year her journey with Dunya news ended. She had an extended break and started working for her own setup as a digital broadcaster and conducted workshops for young budding broadcast journalists.

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