5 Must Have Dishes on Eid-ul-Azha

Eid in one day’s time and all foodies have set their eyes on a list of cuisines they want to cook on the very occasion! In words of Imran Khan “Bakray Anay walay nae hain, Bakray aa Gaiy hain”. The Butt’s have sharpened their knives and are all set to cook their meat in the scrumptious style. We all have a Butt sab in our friend’s circle whose mother cooks super amazing food and you always complaint at home about the lack of spices! Let’s have a look at the list of food we all plan to eat this Eid:

Kaleeji & Phiphra:


This is a starter on the eid day! When the Qassai says Allah-o-Akbar, the first dish that we cook afterwards is the Liver Masala. This stands out to be the most scrumptious dish to kick start the proceedings on Eid day. A plate of yummy liver masala is a straight way to a man’s heart so girls take notes, your Phupho ka beta is waiting!

Mutton Pulao:


This truly is the yummiest dish that’s been discovered by human on this planet called Earth. My Gawd! MUTTON PULAO IS AMAZING. The first dish which gets made for lunch is usually the mutton Pulao. The rice with the flavor and fragrance of mutton and yummy pieces of mutton make the dish a treat for the foodies!

Caution: You may over-eat the mutton Pulao so be careful!



The last time i had payee was at Phajja situated in the red light area and believe me I got a foodgasm! What is the way to judge is if payee have been cooked perfectly? Well the taste is one factor but the finger sticking element is another.  While eating Payee join your fingers together and you’d feel they’re sticky, this is a way to see if the payee have been well cooked or not.

Caution: Phajjay kay Payee sometimes give more than foodgasm so better keep control on your appetite while you’re at the Phajja.



There’s meat and then there’s extremely well cooked meat! Nihari I one of those dishes which fall in the category of well cooked meat. I can surely tell you that if someone make yummy nihari and you have some garam-a-garam naan available you’ll lick your fingers for sure! There are types of nihari’s ranging from simple nihari to fry maghz nihari.

Waris ki Nihari remains to be an authentic name in the brand of nihari in Lahore and one can certainly state that it’s so oil, sometimes even the US want to invade it!

Raan Roast:


Even when people pool in for an animal at the nearest mosque there’s still a Farmaishi program asking the molvi sab ‘Raan Meri Hai na?”. I mean seriously, how you expect the molvi sab to divide 4 Raan among seven equal seven shares! So in Pakistan we actually do see restaurants opened on the Edha-ul-Adha waiting for you to arrive with a raan so they could roast it for you! If you want to get your Raan’s roasted, Yasir broast is definitely a good name and a place to go.

Caution: This isn’t paid advertisement neither are Yasir broast Wala’s my phupho kay Bachay!

So we what are you waiting for? Go run and cook a lot of scrumptious food. Don’t forget the under privileged ones because this certainly is an occasion for them to share food with you. Happy Bakralicious eid!




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