4 things you can relate to if you’re surviving 2017 Ramazan

Ramadan is no doubt a blessed month for Muslims where they can purify their sins by seeking forgiveness from Allah Almighty. Ramadan 2017 started on 28th May, 2017 17 in boiling heat of summers where it is different from the previous years because of many reasons; people are during rest of the 11 months tip top fashionista and one month of Ramadan they magically turned into pious spirits. Moreover, we’ll see how this Ramadan many students had their exams and the heat intensity make it hard for the office workers.

Today let us explore the how Ramadan 2017 is going in Pakistan.

  1. Fashionista Super Star to Pious Spiritual Mullahs

We might explore seasonal mullahs in Ramadan on our TV screens. The same people who don’t bother what is Islam? What we are doing with our lives? Suddenly they turn into the guiders of Islam. I mean seriously who does that???


  1. Helpless students having exams in Ramadan

Many helpless creatures, students are taking their examination during this summer which coincides with Ramadan. No one can give an estimate to what they are going through in this hot summer with roza they are sitting in the examination. Students be like:     “Why tell me why only me?”

Students from all over the universities are protesting against this injustice. Look what I found on social media!!!

Well I found this best suited to their miserable condition!!! LOL


  1. Social Media Emoji also changes

During this year people troll even the emoji on social media are Photoshop to show the arrival of Ramadan.



  1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

If you’re a university or a college student then most of you will have experienced your friends asking for iftari treats.



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