#MarkingsPublishing’s “Ismail Ka Urdu Sheher” to be part of the 7th Edition of the Karachi Literature Festival 2016

#MarkingsPublishing's _#IsmailKa UrduSheher_ by Zohaib Kazi

Following its launch last year, Markings Publishing’s “Ismail ka Urdu Sheher” will be part of a panel discussion, schedule to take place on the 2nd day (7th Feb 2016) of 7th Edition of the Karachi Literature Festival from 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM at the Beach Luxury Hotel Karachi.

Moderated by Ali Safina, the participants of the panel discussion will include the team behind Ismail ka Urdu Sheher” – Zohaib Kazi (Author/Producer), Sara Haider (vocalist), Saad Irfan (Illustrator), Kamal Khan (videographer) and Abbas Ali Khan (cover designer/vocalist).

Ismail Ka Urdu Sheher (IKUS is a 12 song music album that is intertwined with a science fiction graphic novel. A song for each chapter. The intent was to entertain audiences while educating them to alienated concepts of physics). The story of #IsmailKaUrduSheher draws on science fiction to narrate the journey of a futuristic Earth’s Large Hadron Collider experiment whose repercussions have had a ripple effect on the fabric of the universe, challenging the very existence of a distant planet. Ismail Alset, who is the foremost scientist of that world, stands clueless and follows ‘breadcrumbs’ in hope to find answers to the calamity, a journey which will lead to bigger revelations about the universe and his personal life.

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