12 Pakistani Actresses With Gorgeous Hair
12 Pakistani Actresses With Gorgeous Hair
12 Pakistani Actresses With Gorgeous Hair

It is an undeniable fact that when it comes to fashion and looks almost everyone of us try to adopt looks of our favourite actor or actresses (or at least have a desire of that).

This can be said about the gorgeous locks too, when some of the Actresses in the current lot from Pakistan have really gorgeous ringlets. This might look unreal on screen just like shampoo, conditioner and other hair care products ad, but what only gorgeous hair has the potential to look good.

Pakistani Actresses With Gorgeous Hair:

Sanam Saeed:

With healthy and thick texture she certainly has to be on the top of the list.

Sanam Baloch:

Her Straight hair has always been a prominent feature and she never cut them short, I really at times wonder why she has never been in a shampoo ad when she has all what it takes to be in one (if Parineeti Chopra can do that why cant Sanam Baloch).

Neelam Munir:

Over the 7 years or so of her career Neelam Munir has mastered the art of sporting poker straight hair.

Sohai Ali Abro:

The Diva with a folk sindhi name is enjoying her success with back to back TV dramas doing well. In the TV ads, Magazine shoots, and TV dramas, her Gorgous locks has been a prominent feature.

Sajal Ali:

This list would have been incomplete without another sindhi name Sajal, this young girl has done and achived a lot in past four years or five of her career. Apart from her protruding eyes her straight long hair is a feature she portrays very well on the screen.

Sana Javed:

She might have remain unnoticed due to already star studded Pyary Afzal but this model and actress and forme Supreme Tea Ad girl certainly qualifies for the list of Actreses with gorgeous hair.

Maheen Rizvi:

Just like Sanam Saeed, Maheen has thick gorgeous hare that are desireable. Maheen deserves to be in the list because of carrying all the dark shades with the grace no matter if its black or brown.

Mawra Hoccane:

The next in the list is the Pantene Girl, it was a real smart move by the shampoo company to have her in their ad because she certainly is the one who can pull a shampoo add well with her features and gorgeous hair.

Hareem Farooq:

Hareem might have to a long way to become a good actress but you can not deny the fact that she certainly has gorgeous hair. On the top of it she wears them very well too from her traditional/simple girl look in her recent Drama Mausam to flaunting hair freely in the ads and Photo-shoot Hareem Farooq has done that all with a elegance.

Ayeza Khan:

Ayeza Khan is another sure qualifier for the list because of her gorgeous locks that she has mastered wearing in almost every style, in case you are looking for an example just have a look at the “Hamsafar” video by Music Band Axis.

Mahira Khan:

It would have been an incomplete list without Mahira Khan as she is the only Model and Actress who has featured in the ads of both Sunsilk and Pantene shampoo.

Nadia Jamil:

Not exactly a current lot one therefore consider this an honorary entry but fact remain Nadia Jamil has gorgeous hair tough her attitude is still her USP.



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