10 reasons why Pakistani TV drama serials are better than Indian TV serials
10 reasons why Pakistani TV drama serials are better than Indian TV serials
10 reasons why Pakistani TV drama serials are better than Indian TV serials

TV Drama has always been the strong point of Pakistani entertainment scene. We all remember and cherish TV dramas from PTV days and then from the days of STN and PTV of 1990s. Even in this era of quantity over quality we are making such fine drama serials that they are totally adored not only in Pakistan but across the border also.

Here are then reasons that why our TV serials are better than Indian TV serials.

1. It is not about make up and wardrobe exhibition

Maya Ali in Aun Zara

Unlike our neighbors we have a fair sense of being natural and realistic. Heavy make up, lavishly designed clothes and heavy jewellery is not the sight we get to see in our dramas. We know that normal human sleeps without all these and that is how it should be on screen.

2. Social issues not the never ending Saas Bahu fuss

thakan_hum tv

Even in this day and age our dramas do give space to social issues and many times they are revolving around important issues. Anyhow, the central idea of our dramas are not Saas and Bahu never ending saga.

3. Our Dramas are not jewelry advertisement

Maya Ali

Props are important, looks of actors are important, but not at the cost of killing the scene. Our drams prove that scenes can be televised without being a jewelry overload.

4. Pairs that make sense on screen



Sanam Baloch and Danish Taimoor in Manchalay, Aiza Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi in Peyary Afzal, and Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan in Humfar they all made sense and that is why these serials were so mesmerizing. We hardly get to see sensible pairing in Indian TV serials.

5. Its not just about song in literally every scene


We have sound tracks and we play them during the scene every now and then when needed unlike adding songs in literally every scene.

6. No Dead Man rising no plastic surgery


Do I need to say more? in our TV serials death means death it does not mean a potential plastic surgery and return of diseased.

7. We like to keep it pretty much real 

Sanam Baloch in Dastan


We try to keep it real, our sets are not larger than life, our stories make sense and everyone can easily relate to it. Life is depicted as it actually is its not unnecessary drama.

8. There is ending


we do not believe in making world records of not ending shows even if they have lived over thousand episodes and surpassed their utility stage. Pakistani TV serials do come to an end and they have a definite & worthwhile ending.

9. Emotions do not need drum rolls


Imagine if we take out those sound effects, and neck jerking form anyone episode of Indian TV serial what else will they have left to showcase in that particular episode? yes almost nothing. On the other hand our drama and our expressions are much much more than neck twists and those near to war like situation sound effects.


10 Based on literature not borrowed ideas


Lets keep the debate of digest writers becoming TV drama writers for a second and objectively think what our dramas are mostly made out of. Yes piece of literature, story written by a genuine story writer, or a drama written by a dramatist. Pakistani TV serials are not based on borrowed and inspired plots all the time.




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